How Laser Impacts the Movie Going Experience
How Laser Impacts the Movie Going Experience

Read how Laser projectors can help theater exhibitors create engaging experiences that today’s audiences demand in this new theater whitepaper.

How to assess Your Display Technology Needs—and Choose the Right Solutions for Your Schools
How to Assess Your Display Technology Needs—and Choose the Right Solutions for Your Schools

Research suggests that only 10% of people remember what they hear, and 20% remember what they read, but 80% remember what they see and do. This is why K-12 school districts are investing in visual display technologies. Read how K-12 decision makers can address digital and budget concerns, so the solutions they buy will meet their needs well into the future.

Making the Move to Immersive Retail 270x236
Making the Move to Immersive Retail

Retailers rely on in-store signage to attract customers, promote products, and highlight sales. Although these promotional methods help drive sales and boost revenue streams, maintaining traditional, non-digital in-store displays poses significant challenges, particularly for large-scale retailers with multiple stores. Learn more about new standards in retail to help products shine to their fullest in this new whitepaper.

projection mapping
How to Use Projection Mapping to Transform Your Church into a Multimedia Powerhouse

Projection mapping isn’t just for big-budget sports events anymore. A growing number of churches around the world are using multimedia projectors to transform their sanctuaries and multipurpose rooms into immersive experiences for the senses, bringing home their spiritual messages with unforgettable symphonies of light and sound. Read more about how churches are creating a new experience.

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Building a Relationship That Online Shopping Can’t Replace

According to a study published by Pew Research Center, consumers prefer brick-and-mortar stores, but a growing number of people report an increase in regular online shopping; 43% do so weekly or a few times per month. Traditional retailers face both a threat and an opportunity with these changing trends. Read about these trends in this NEC whitepaper.

Building a Digital Learning Environment
Building a Digital Learning Environment

Digital technologies do more than improve the overall classroom experience. They also enable institutions and teachers to better serve individual students, using interactive devices to customize learning on a one-to-one level. Although educators have made great strides in raising the standard for education, their efforts have not fully achieved the goal of building a robust 21st-century learning infrastructure. Learn more about what educators are doing.

From analytics to Signage
From Analytics to Signage

When walking past a digital display in a retail location, a consumer may see an ad for a product of interest. They may spend a few moments looking at the screen before deciding to find the item in the store and buy it. Retailers understand that such a seemingly simple action can take an enormous amount of effort behind the scenes. Learn more about the defining factors that go into creating captivating signage in this article.

Using Laser Projectors to Enhance Houses of Worship
Using Laser Projectors to Enhance Houses of Worship

A house of worship’s purpose is to bring people together to share a positive message. When a facility is able to serve its members more effectively using technology, it translates to higher attendance and positive word-of-mouth – keeping current members coming back and encouraging new ones to join. There are many technologies to consider when outfitting your HoW. Learn more here.

Seeing is Believing: Top Three Campus Communication Trends in 2017

As technology evolves, university communication methods have progressed from simple bulletin boards in student centers to high-tech ways to convey a message, including digital signage. Digital signage technology is now a common sight on university campuses – and for good reason. Read on!

a Buyer’s Guide to Education Connectivity Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed
A Buyer’s Guide to Education Connectivity Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed

Today’s K-12 and college students grew up with personal technology in their hands, so they already have the fluency needed to make use of these solutions during their educational journey. School districts across the country have given the green light to technologies that support this digital form of learning. See how schools can better connect students and the curriculum in this article.

positive loitering
Positive Loitering: Increase Customer Dwell Time and Spend with Digital Signage

The use of digital signage in the restaurant space has been growing exponentially as operators realize the flexibility, marketing and branding opportunities it provides. But there are more important reasons to deploy digital signage for your brand. Learn more in this report from NEC.

fast casual
Using Digital Signage to Engage Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials have been the largest age group driving an increase in visits and profits for fast casual restaurants and more than 1/5 of Gen Z’s budget goes toward food. To attract these customers, brands must focus their efforts on how they market to millennials and Gen Z, especially in an age of increased competition. Read more in this report from NEC.

mass transit
Safe Zone: Using digital signage for public safety

Maintaining safety and security are important in any environment, but transportation professionals have particular challenges associated with ensuring travelers stay safe. Transit hubs are often crowded, and there are varied passenger screening processes. See how you can use digital signage to keep travelers safe in this NEC report.

Know While On The Go
Know While on the Go: How Transit Agencies Can Improve Communications

Using LED displays to communicate with passengers allows real-time information to be distributed, promoting safety and creating better-informed travelers

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A Sharper Focus on Safety: Digital Signage Boosts Campus Security

As higher education facilities work to create enriching environments for students and faculty, digital signage technology is now a common sight on university campuses, but its applications are changing: It’s now being used to help boost safety and security. Read more about how these institutions use digital displays to protect students, faculty and visitors.

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