Transforming Technology for the New Normal
Transforming Technology for the New Normal

Society has faced massive changes in 2020. Across industries and functions we worry about social distancing and seamless video conferencing among other things. See how some places are transforming how they use technology to meet their changing needs.

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See how collaboration fuels creativity

Choose comprehensive software and displays or select out-of-the-box options with the functionality you need. Users can choose from new displays like large desktops or interactive projectors, or they can work with legacy systems and equipment. These solutions are designed to fit seamlessly with your existing workflow.

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New Collaboration Tools Raise Productivity to the Next Level

Improving collaboration has emerged a key challenge for medium and large companies over the past few years. The fundamental need for employees to communicate visually and to collaborate with others working in remote locations has shifted the structure of the modern corporate workplace. Read more about how companies can stay productive in this changing environment.

Reinventing Classrooms to Support Better Learning
Reinventing Classrooms to Support Better Learning

The traditional classroom design that many educators experienced when they were in school, was sufficient when lecturing was the primary method of instruction. But over the last few decades, the nature of teaching has changed dramatically—and the design of classrooms is evolving. Learn how K-12 leaders can create dynamic spaces that improve instruction.

How Real-Time Remote Collaboration Is Transforming Business
How Real-Time Remote Collaboration Is Transforming Business

In this fast-paced world, it’s not always possible to get everyone in the same room at the same time. Most people already use social media and video-calling apps to connect with faraway friends and family, and these technologies are playing increasing roles in business collaboration, too. Read more about how collaboration is transforming business in this NEC whitepaper.

Do You Know What Corporate Collaboration Users Really Want? Find Out in Just Five Questions

Corporate collaboration technology is an enormous market. But integrators need to stay focused on their main mission: to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. In order to do that, the integrator, client and end users need to be on the same page. Test your corporate collaboration technology knowledge with these True or False questions.

Transforming Your Campus to Support BYOD Collaboration
Transforming Your Campus to Support BYOD Collaboration

Learning in the digital age has become more mobile, social and technologically rich. This shift has big implications for classroom design. See how Higher education institutions are adapting in this byline.

BYOD collaboration made easy
Supporting BYOD Collaboration in Person and Online

Live, real-time collaboration is now possible using multiple devices and platforms, either in person or across several different locations. Distance learning might never be the same.

How to assess Your Display Technology Needs—and Choose the Right Solutions for Your Schools
How to Assess Your Display Technology Needs—and Choose the Right Solutions for Your Schools

Research suggests that only 10% of people remember what they hear, and 20% remember what they read, but 80% remember what they see and do. This is why K-12 school districts are investing in visual display technologies. Read how K-12 decision makers can address digital and budget concerns, so the solutions they buy will meet their needs well into the future.

Building a Digital Learning Environment
Building a Digital Learning Environment

Digital technologies do more than improve the overall classroom experience. They also enable institutions and teachers to better serve individual students, using interactive devices to customize learning on a one-to-one level. Although educators have made great strides in raising the standard for education, their efforts have not fully achieved the goal of building a robust 21st-century learning infrastructure. Learn more about what educators are doing.

Make the Dream Work: 11 Key Features for a Collaboration Platform

When higher-education institutions invest in new methods to support students and faculty, they require tools that create competitive advantages and efficiencies without sacrificing students’ ability to learn.

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