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Movie-goers expect a premium Cinema experience — from building anticipation to fulfilling the dream. From the foyer to the theater, Sharp can deliver the perfect visual experience through all stages of the customer journey.

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Sharp's Cinema Solutions
A major reason for us to choose Sharp was that they are able to offer display and projection solutions for our foyer, as well as our cinema projectors. It improves our efficiency and productivity, getting cinema wide display solutions from one trusted partner.
Projection Room
The big screen event is what entices your audience away from their sofas; expectations are high and superior digital presentation is paramount to deliver a blockbuster experience. Theater managers are seeking a projection solution which will delight the audience while fulfilling demands for long life performance and low operational costs.
Shining out like a beacon, high bright exterior signage offers a tantalizing flavor of the delights on offer inside. Digital delivery means content is updated instantly to appropriately match the latest cinematic offerings, a compelling draw for passers-by while saving costs on traditional poster boards.
Engage your audience in a 360 degree entertainment experience and transform your cinema into a social destination. Cinema today is so much more than a trip to the movies; Sharp display technology turns your foyer into the venue of choice for social gatherings and all-embracing digital entertainment.
Visual prompts and timely content play with the senses to maximize revenue generation at the concession stand. Scheduled and instant updates support your sales strategy with perfectly tailored offerings displayed at the point of sale aiding efficient customer throughput.
Box Office
Offering multiple ways to purchase tickets helps to enhance the customer experience and speed them through to the next stage of their cinematic journey. Sharp displays provide the vital high quality interface representing the face of your brand.
Back Office
The heartbeat of your organization, by supporting your back office operations with efficient processes you can ensure this is reflected in your customer facing areas. Ergonomic office displays safeguard the well-being of your staff and facilitate productive outcomes.


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