Defining a Digital Experience

Listen to NEC's Rich Ventura speak with Open Eye Global about how digital brings experiences to life.

Helping Retailers Measure ROO, ROE and ROI for Digital Signage
Helping Retailers Measure ROO, ROE and ROI for Digital Signage

Retailers are looking for solutions to deliver more relevant messages, collect and organize data, and drive business goals. In this whitepaper, read how NEC’s ALP combines digital signage, cloud-based analytics and big data analysis, and edge-based real-time triggers and action to help retailers get the necessary tools to plan objectives and expectations from the outset.

See ALP in action

See how ALP works, in this infographic, by highlighting the retailer's journey and data collection abilities. See what insights you can gain! Continue through the infographic to learn more about the buyer's journey as they shop in a retail store.

Facial Recognition Teams Up With Digital Displays to Deliver Tangible Retail Benefits
Facial DetectionTeams Up With Digital Displays to Deliver Tangible Retail Benefits

The devices we carry in our pockets continue to improve at responding to our faces. From banking apps to lock-screen security systems, smartphones now support a whole host of features that use facial detection algorithms to deliver personalized moments of interaction. Consumer electronics retail represents the next frontier of facial detection technology. Read more.

Incorporating retail space in rail hubs to recover the costs of operations
Incorporating retail space in rail hubs to recover the costs of operations

Major rail hubs around the world are undergoing significant renovations, and new rail hubs are being designed to focuse on future needs. With rising construction and operation costs, transportation centers are seeking ways to recoup their investments and ensure financial sustainability by offering a range of mixed-use facilities. Read about the role digital signage plays in this whitepaper.

Digital Signage and Facial Detection
More than meets the eye - digital signage and facial detection

Retailers are adopting many different approaches to personalize the shopping experience for their customers to overcome the challenges they face competing with e-commerce sites and other retailers. Smart digital signage, which combines facial detection software and anonymous analytics, is a tool that enables retailers to engage customers and provide an extra personal touch.

ROI Whitepaper
How Measuring ROI for Digital Signage Accurately is Critical

Accurately measuring ROI for digital signage is critical both to justify the investment your business is making with a digital signage network and to make any adjustments to the deployment, content or other variables to maximize your network’s impact once it’s operational. Measuring ROI can also be complex. Learn more in this engaging byline.

From Analytics to Signage
From Analytics to Signage

When walking past a digital display in a retail location, a consumer may see an ad for a product of interest. They may spend a few moments looking at the screen before deciding to find the item in the store and buy it. Retailers understand that such a seemingly simple action can take an enormous amount of effort behind the scenes. Learn more about the defining factors that go into creating captivating signage in this article.

IoT and Digital Signage Come Together to improve Logistics

Annual revenues for IoT is expected to exceed $470B by 2020. By pairing IoT devices with digital signage, manufacturers, shippers, and other enterprises will be able to quickly economize their logistics. Learn more in this new NEC report.

loT and Digital Signage Ready for Takeoff
IoT and Digital Signage Technology: Ready for Takeoff

Three of the key challenges that retail stores currently face are competing with online competitors, aligning their in-store shopping experience with their online shopping experience, and creating stronger engagement and brand equity with customers that will entice them to return to the physical store. The adoption of IoT solutions can address all three of these challenges.

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