Our display and collaboration solutions feature ultra-bright images, nearly endless configuration possibilities, and sizes and options to fit nearly any budget. But what makes our displays so powerful is the computing behind them. From system-on-a-chip configurations using powerful Raspberry Pi processors to slot-in options based on OPS/SDM, there’s a scalable computing solution for every application. Our computing solutions make our digital signage and collaboration systems even simpler and more flexible, without the need for added cables or devices. Easy to deploy and simple to upgrade, choose the solution that meets your needs and budget today, knowing you have room to grow tomorrow.


Modular Computing Solutions

  • Industry-wide digital signage spec from Intel
  • Standardized slot size, display connection, and power supply specs
  • Simplified device usage and maintenance
  • Scalable, versatile, and affordable

Image-System on a Chip

System on a Chip

  • Powered by Raspberry Pi, the open platform solution that offers endless integration possibilities
  • Provides enhanced flexibility for large-screen display deployments
  • Turns displays into fully networkable computers
  • Offers ease of use and scalability

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