Take full control of your Sharp solution with our specialized control, calibration, and adjustment software.

NaViSet Administrator 2™

Control, monitor and manage your display and projector settings in an all in one support system with NaViSet Administrator 2™. This software package provides unified control and asset management across product lines through an intuitive graphical user interface and allows for settings to be updated, tasks to be queried and reports to be generated using RS-232 or TCP/IP communication for large screen displays and projectors or DDC/CI protocol for desktop units.

SpectraViewII™ software allows users to calibrate the brightness, white point and luminance curves to defined industry standards or to customized settings, creating the ultimate in color workflow flexibility. The result is a highly accurate, reliable, repeatable, and feature rich display calibration and profiling solution. This easy-to-use software is perfect for color-critical applications such as computer graphics, digital animation, medical imaging, pre-press production and film, video and photo editing studios.

MultiProfiler is designed as a companion to NEC MultiSync® PA Series monitors. It gives you complete control over much of the powerful and sophisticated technology in these models in an easy-to-use application. MultiProfiler works directly with the SpectraView Engine in the PA Series monitors, factory calibration data and internal sensors to achieve high levels of color accuracy and adjustability.
Display Wall Calibrator

Designed for fast and accurate color matching of multiple displays used in a video wall application, Display Wall Calibrator works with Sharp’s award-winning display technology using a color measurement sensor and sophisticated calibration software. The solution automatically adjusts multiple displays used in a video wall so that the color characteristics closely match, thereby creating the visual illusion of a single large display.
PD Comms Tool

NEC PD Comms Tool (NEC Public Display Communications Tool) is a software application that can be used to configure, control, and test supported NEC large screen LCD display models via either RS232 or LAN connections. It can also be used to assist with developing and debugging external control systems by showing the communications protocol for commands exchanged between the software and displays.
Display Firmware Update Tool

The Display Firmware Update Tool is a utility to assist with updating the firmware in large-screen LCD displays and some models of desktop LCD displays.
Raspberry Pi Compute Module

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is the smartest combination of computing power with professional yet cost-effective signage displays for use in retail environments, passenger information, quick service menu boards and so many more applications.

10 bit Color Depth Demo Application
This Windows application tests the capabilities of the video graphics system for 10-bit color support. It also generates images that demonstrate the benefits of 10-bit color depth on NEC MultiSync PA Series displays when using a DisplayPort video connection and a compatible video graphics card.
CableComp™ Adjustment Pattern
The provided file allows for optimization of NEC’s CableComp™ long cable compensation technology, requiring less manual adjustments to be made. Compatible with all analog connections, this technology uses a digitized signal delay circuit to automatically compensate for each red, green and blue cable’s length and video signal delay, ensuring sharp image reproduction.

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