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Please note: The FAQs for projectors currently do not apply to Digital Cinema Projectors.

NaViSet has been tested with aTI and Nvidia video graphics adapters. Some older video graphics adapters may need video driver and/or BIOS updates. If NaViSet is unable to detect your NEC display monitor, check to see if any updates are available for your video graphics adapter.
This configuration has not yet been tested.
No. If you want to run the OS 9 version, you will need to restart your Macintosh into OS 9.
Yes. For example, NaViSet controls each supported NEC display monitor simultaneously.
No. Older OS versions and older hardware do not support the features necessary to communicate with the display monitor.
Mac users must use SpectraViewII software to change their color settings because NEC displays store all the necessary color adjustments internally.

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