CHICAGO - November 4, 2013
40-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch and 70-inch P Series Displays Feature New Thinner Chassis, Edge-lit LED Backlights, Dual Expansion Slots and Near Field Communication

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today the latest generation of its flagship P Series commercial-grade displays.  The 40-inch P403, 46-inch P463, 55-inch P553 and 70-inch P703 displays feature a new thinner chassis, LED Edge-lit backlights, two expansion slots and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.

The new P Series displays are LED edge-lit, which means displays are thinner, lighter and consume less power.  In fact, the new generation of displays is up to 56 percent thinner, 50 percent lighter and consume up to 33 percent less power.  All of this means reduced installation costs and reduced total cost of ownership. 

P Series displays are ideal for harsh install environments, including quick-service restaurants, airports, public information areas, healthcare facilities and retail stores.  These displays boast internal temperature sensors with self-diagnostics and fan-based technology to prevent overheating and maximize the lifetime of the displays.  Delivering up to 700 cd/m2 maximum brightness and full high-definition panels, the P Series displays deliver uncompromised image quality. 

With new connectivity and new sensors, P Series displays are helping customers to be more creative and flexible while reducing installation and maintenance costs.  The unique built-in NFC sensor, in combination with NEC’s new Android app, reduces installation and maintenance costs.  A human sensor accessory can be both an energy saver and enabler of creativity.

The displays also support two expansion slots – one with Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) technology and a second slot for additional connectivity.  The OPS slot adheres to the Intel specification for standardizing and simplifying slot-oriented digital signage installations.  The second slot allows for customizable input options. 

“The P Series displays are proof that quality is never an accident,” said Rachel Karnani, Senior Product Manager of Large-Screen Displays at NEC Display Solutions.  “These displays are designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the most harsh environments while the new chassis delivers LED backlighting and an enriched feature set.  The P Series really is in a league of its own.”

The P Series displays include the following features:

  • LED Edge-lit backlight technology for reduced power consumption and a thinner chassis
  • Dual expansion slots, which deliver first-in-class connectivity
  • Faster response times, which mean no blank screen downtime when switching inputs so content is always visible to customers
  • Human sensor accessory, which detects presence of a person and can adjust input, brightness and audio volume
  • NFC capabilities, which allow a smart phone or tablet to communicate with displays for setup and servicing
  • Improved daisy chain capabilities for video and control signals (DisplayPort and LAN), which reduce cabling requirements
  • Improved input switching speeds, which mean less down time when switching sources
  • Multiple programmable gamma correction settings, which save time as displays don’t have to be recalibrated every time requirements change
  • Improved browser control, which means users can control each display through a LAN or via a tablet
  • Simple point and zoom feature, which allows a presenter to zoom in to parts of a presentation via the remote
  • Auto TileMatrix capabilities, which save tremendous time and cost for video wall set-ups
  • DisplayPort 1.2, which enables users to create ultra high-definition video walls or to supply different content to up to four different displays with a single source
  • Memo function built into the on-screen display, which allows information to be stored in the on-screen menu to communicate installation, service, or location details
  • Enhanced Picture-in-Picture, which provides flexibility for displaying two sources simultaneously
  • IR lock capability, which allows the end user to control only certain parts of the display while protecting other important settings from inadvertent adjustment
  • Proof of play feature, which enables confirmation that paid content was actually displayed

The P403, P463, P553 and P703 displays will be available in November 2013 at a minimum advertised price of $1,449, $1,829, $2,699 and $8,399, respectively.  All four displays ship with a 3-year parts and labor warranty, including the backlight.

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