NEC Webinar Series

You're invited to NEC's Webinar Series
including CTS RU and aIa LU accredited courses throughout 2020!

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NEC and Salamander Designs

Rapidly Deploying Workplace Solutions

Hosted by NEC and Salamander Designs. Deliver Faster, more Flexible Video Solutions for the "New Normal" Workplace. Get ready for this 30-minute session and you’ll be ready to deploy turnkey video solutions that maximize every space and meet today’s needs – while reducing your time.

CTS Webinars

Video Wall Webinar

Best Practices when Choosing a Video Wall Solution

1 CTS RU Credit - June 1, 2020 - 1pm CST

Course attendees will come away with a better understanding of the 2 main technologies in current video wall design as well as obtaining insight on other options through projection technology. This class identifies critical factors when it comes to necessary considerations from pre-design to maintenance and support. attendees will gain valuable insight into technical differences between LCD, LED and projection and come away with a better understanding of where and when each type of technology fits into different project scopes.

dvLED Webinar

dvLED Best Practices on Installation

1 CTS RU Credit - June 8, 2020 - 1pm CST

The purpose of this training is to help the individual fully understand all the various factors that help to deliver a painless and seamless installation of a dvLED wall.

CTS and aIa webinars will be recorded and sent out after each call.

Previously Held Webinars

Projection Technology Webinar

Understanding Today’s Multi-Venue Projection Technology

dvLED Webinar

How to Select the Proper dvLED Solution

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