Decision time.

Uncompromising quality in the boardroom

For decision making at the highest level, where critical exchanges may determine the direction or financial security of an organization; creating an environment for seamless and instant exchange with precise, highly detailed visual information you can trust, gives the confidence to make decisions that stand.

Uncompromising quality and flexibility to facilitate spontaneous brainstorming, sharing ideas across multiple locations and eye to eye contact with remote participants as if they were in the same room are vital elements.

For critical decision making
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  • Ideal for critical meetings from technical, finance to the entire board
  • Representative environment
  • Easily set-up video conferencing
  • Share, create and co-create contents



Laser Projection

Laser light source projection delivers high-bright, high-resolution content for excellent readability of even the most detailed information. A large scalable screen size projected from its discreet ceiling mounted position maintains a compelling TCO over its long life. The built-in MultiPresenter and instant start-up functionality means you’re ready to get down to business.

  • Visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Value


Large Presentation Displays

With sizes up to 98”, NEC’s renowned quality perfectly fits the needs of the boardroom with full compatibility with Crestron Corporate Solutions and Cisco Webex. Ultra-high resolution image reproduction enables detailed analysis of data with instant start-up and wireless presentation functionality. Seamless integration with optional coloured bezels complements your high quality interior design.

  • Visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Value


Direct view LED Wall

Impress your boardroom guests as an early adopter of the next big technology. Fine pitch indoor 16:9 dvLED modules scale up to fit the space available for a super-large format bezel-free digital canvas in FHD or UHD resolution. Even in the brightest direct sunlight, content is crisp, detailed and easily readable from either end of the boardroom table. An incredible 100,000 hours life span makes this an investment well worth considering.

  • Visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Interactivity
  • Creativity
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