Energy-efficient components, extended service plans and proper disposal are just a few of the factors that maximize the lifecycle of your NEC product.
Sharp NEC Display Solutions feature a terrific advantage when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO).
What is Total Cost of Ownership?
Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO, is an important metric for computer users. TCO is loosely defined as the total cost of owning a product over its life cycle. For example, the cost of owning a personal computer doesn't end with the purchase price. The costs associated with getting and using that computer over its life—the initial purchase, running the machine, administration, training, repairs and even disposal of the product when it needs to be replaced—all contribute to TCO.
Energy Conservation
One of the aspects of TCO that's easiest to measure is power conservation. In today's society, when consumers and businesses alike are feeling the brunt of higher energy costs, the amount of electricity generated by every electronic device is coming under close scrutiny. Your display, which can account for as much as 40% of the overall power consumption of your PC system, is a key area to consider when evaluating the total cost of your IT infrastructure.
Calculate Your Display's TCO
To make this comparison easier, Sharp NEC Display Solutions has provided a TCO Calculator that shows you how to choose displays that fit your technology needs and your energy budget.
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