For Texas Consumers only: NEC is pleased to announce the implementation of its new computer equipment take-back program for the State of Texas. Available exclusively to consumers and home business owners, this take-back program provides a means in which NEC-branded computers, laptops, and monitors, can be collected and properly disposed of at end-of-life or if working, they may be refreshed for new life.

Equipment eligible for collection includes NEC brand monitors, PCs, and laptops.

List of eligible NEC brands:

  • NEC
  • NEC AccuSync
  • NEC MultiSync
  • NEC Multeos
  • Mitsubishi DiamondPoint
  • Mitsubishi DiamondPro

Your working unit may have value! If your unit is under 3 years old and in working condition, it may have value that can be used towards the purchase of a new NEC monitor. If you would like to see if your used equipment has any value towards the purchase of a new NEC monitor, please check out our Total Trade program at

With qualifying units, Total Trade also allows you to remove and dispose of any brand of old technology equipment.  Plus, we can facilitate the removal of non-working equipment as part of the overall trade and ensure regulatory-compliant and environment-friendly disposal.

For those customers not interested in the Total Trade program, please see the list below for drop-off locations.

  • Com-Cycle
    1610 Green Rd., Suite 200
    Houston, TX 77032

  • Your local Staples retail location

In addition to the above drop-off points, there will be several collection events, held throughout the state of Texas where consumers and home business owners can bring their old NEC equipment. Please continue to visit our website as we will provide updates as they become available for the date, time, and location of these events.

For those residents in Corpus Christi, Laredo, Amarillo, and Mount Pleasant: Please call 1-800-632-4662 to receive a free shipping label for your NEC product that you would like to recycle. Once the product is boxed and labeled correctly, it can be taken to the nearest Fed-Ex drop off location. The product will then be shipped to one of our recycling centers for processing.

Thank you for supporting Sharp NEC Display Solutions by choosing to dispose of NEC products properly in order to help protect our environment.

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