For many years, Sharp/NEC has been active in environmental issues facing the display industry. We have embarked on both company- and industry-wide initiatives aimed at building products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.
Sharp/NEC has accomplished its environmental initiatives in three ways:
How We Reduce
  • By reducing the number of contaminants—such as mercury—in our products.
  • By developing leading-edge lighting technology that permits up to a 50% reduction in display power consumption
  • By reducing the number of plastics types that are used in our products
How We Reuse
  • By using recycled paper for product manual printing
  • By selling refurbished component parts
  • By recycling more than 5 million pounds of materials so far through the Total Trade program
How We Recycle
  • By using recycled plastics in a number of our products
  • By designing our products to be more easily recycled
  • By holding recycling events with local retailers
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