At Sharp/NEC, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means raising the quality of how business is conducted and managed. As a leading provider of IT, network and semiconductor solutions, we rely on established corporate policies to fulfill our compliance and economic responsibilities.
Sharp/NEC proactively discloses information on CSR activities and related accomplishments to fulfill the company’s accountability to its stakeholders. Through open dialog, Sharp/NEC is able to form strong customer relationships built on trust as well as increase its corporate value and achieve sustainable growth to the benefit of society.
Scope of Report
April 1, 2009 – March 31, 2010
The content solely relates to Sharp/NEC Corporation in certain sections, but also includes subsidiary companies in other sections. For information covering a specific set of Sharp/NEC and subsidiary companies, the scope of such information has been explicitly defined in each relevant section. Unless noted otherwise, Sharp/NEC refers to Sharp/NEC Corporation and its subsidiary companies in this report.
Based on Sustainability Reporting Guidelines created by the Global Reporting Initiative.
The CSR Digest 2010 is an abridged edition of the NEC CSR Annual Report 2010 published in booklet form. It mainly contains information on our activities with respect to seven CSR initiatives that are significant and relevant (material) to our stakeholders and NEC. You can view the CSR Digest 2010 in PDF format at CSR Digest 2010 PDF (5.1MB)
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