Sharp/NEC's commitment to protect the environment and to conserve natural resources is readily apparent in many aspects of our business. There are many ways in which Sharp/NEC strives to contribute to a sustainable society some of which include:
  • Using environmentally preferable components and design characteristics in the products we build.
  • Forming partnerships with companies that share environmental principles similar to our own.
  • Promoting programs to educate our internal workforce on different sustainability issues, so that they may better serve the needs of our customers.

Sharp/NEC is strongly committed not only to reducing our own environmental impact, but that of our customers as well. By designing more energy-efficient products using fewer materials of environmental concern, Sharp/NEC offers products can also help reduce the environmental impact of our customers.

Sharp/NEC's dedication to sound environmental management is an extension of our pledge to customers and part of our company’s overall philosophy:

  • We go to great lengths to minimize environmental impacts whenever possible, often going beyond legal compliance requirements.
  • Our employees are proactive when it comes to issues concerning the environment.
  • Environmental leadership is one of the pillars of our overall Corporate Citizenship.

At Sharp/NEC, we analyze environmental issues, observe market and supplier situations in order for us to prepare for and meet our environmental obligations as a company so that we can deliver products that will fit the environmental needs of our customers.

For more information about environmental protection, reducing carbon footprints and recyclability, please access this whitepaper.

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