Why Sharp/NEC

The Sharp/NEC Experience

What is unique about Sharp NEC Display Solutions is that, from the start, it is clear that purchasers are not just ‘buying a product’. Across its product portfolio – from desktop to large-format LCDs to business, specialist and Cinema projectors – Sharp/NEC offers complete solutions. Superb quality and reliability are inherent within the brand; add to this a solution precisely-tailored to the users’ requirements and backed by a robust warranty and support service, Sharp/NEC offers trustworthy performance.

Sharp/NEC has more than 11,000 Digital Cinema projectors installed, underlining the crucial role Sharp/NEC plays in creating the optimum Cinema Experience and keeping it operational. Sharp/NEC is a name to trust.

Thinking Out of the Theater Box

Due to social distancing guidelines, theater owners may only be able to open their theaters with a limited number of seats. Explore options available to theater owners in this infographic.

Display Solutions Elevate the Theater Experience

To meet the expectations of today’s moviegoers, exhibitors are adopting a wide range of digital display solutions to create unforgettable experiences for their customers. Learn more about these game changing technologies in this NEC byline.

How to Break “Out of the Box” with Innovative Digital Projection

As your house of worship’s attendance has grown, you’ve probably already experimented with larger video screens and more powerful audio systems. But technologies like these are just the beginning. Read more about these technologies in this NEC byline.

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