Introducing the New Extended Warranty 2022 for Used NEC Digital Cinema Projectors!

Preserves Your Peace of Mind Today, allows You to Plan for the Future

The New Extended Warranty 2022 program protects your investment in the event of an unexpected failure and offers a rebate on the purchase of a new NEC projector in the future.

This is how it works:

  1. Customer purchases, or already owns, an older NEC DCI Projector that is currently not under a manufacturer's warranty
  2. Upon a simple certification process by the manufacturer, customer is cleared to purchase the Extended Warranty 2022
  3. Once customer purchases the Extended Warranty 2022 the projector is automatically covered through 12/31/2022
  4. If customer buys a new NEC projector before the expiration of the extended warranty, customer will receive a prorated rebate to be applied toward the cost of the new PJ. See prorated rebate schedule below.

Here are a few examples on how the extended warranty works:

Projector Model Covered by Extended Warranty
NC1000 NC1201L NC1700L NC1200/2000/3200/3240
You Pay... For Extended Warranty 2022 (MSRP)
$4,725 $5,145 $5,145 $5,481
Prorated rebate when you buy a new PJ in 2021
$3,600 $3,900 $3,400 $3,600
Prorated rebate when you buy a new PJ in 2022
$2,500 $2,500 $1,500 $1,500
Digital Cinema Projectors

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Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions apply

Sharp NEC Display Solutions may require the end user to resolve projector performance problems at end user’s expense prior to initiating extended warranty coverage • Sharp NEC Display Solutions will not initiate extended warranty coverage to products that have been subjected to damage, misusage, abuse, environment or lack of general maintenance • Upon redeeming the rebate toward the purchase of a new NEC projector, warranty coverage of the projector covered under the Extended Warranty 2022 program will be terminated.