Color Display Solutions

Whether you use a Mac, PC or run Linux, SpectraViewII is the only name you need to know. The SpectraView Series includes a wide range of LCD displays combining the very highest standards of Japanese color technology and panel expertise with NEC’s custom calibration software, all tailored for the demanding creative photographer, videographer, prepress manager and anyone else who demands high color accuracy.

MultiSync PA Series with SpectraView

  1. Sharp NEC is the benchmark in the color critical market:
  2. Hardware calibration LUT
  3. SpectraViewII Software included
  4. Wide color gamut (>99% ADOBE RGB coverage)
  5. 10-bit IPS technology

MultiSync P Series with SpectraView

  1. Sharp NEC offers superb price/performance for color critical applications:
  2. Hardware calibration LUT
  3. SpectraViewII Profiler Software included
  4. IPS Technology
  5. Future proof and flexible connectivity
  6. sRGB Color Gamut

How Long Do You Wait for Your Display to Be Ready?


Calibration Sensors

External sensors offer superior performance and high degree of flexibility for display calibration. Users can choose between a spectrophotometer and a colorimeter, depending on how the sensor will be used. A single device can be used for multiple displays, reducing unnecessary equipment purchases. External sensors can measure multiple areas on the screen to measure uniformity, can measure multiple monitors for color matching and most support other types of measurements like ambient light measurement. Finally, an external sensor can be easily replaced due to age, changes in technology or any type of fault.

  1. The NEC SpectraViewII software supports most major commercially available colorimeters and spectrophotometers, including:
  2. NEC iOne Display V2, NEC MDSVSENSOR iOne Display V2 WG, NEC SpectraSensor Pro and NEC MDSVSENSOR3
  3. X-Rite/GretagMacbeth iOne Pro and iOne Monitor
  4. X-Rite iOne Pro2 X-Rite and iOne Display Pro
  5. X-Rite/GretagMacbeth iOne Display V1 and V2
  6. X-Rite DTP94 / MonacoOPTIX-XR (Windows only)
  7. X-Rite ColorMunki
  8. Datacolor Spyder2, Spyder3, Spyder4 and Spyder5
  9. BasICColor Discus
  10. Photo Research PR-655, PR-670, PR-680, PR-730, and PR-740 Spectroradiometers