Testimonial: Jay Maisel

"An artist’s body of work however, is the sum of their life experiences and my philosophy and approach to shooting remains pretty old school – I spend as much time as I possibly can having fun looking for and shooting anything that might be interesting. Beyond that, I just want the rest of the process between shooting and presenting work to be accurate and simple. That is what I like about the NEC MultiSync monitors we use at my studio. The color is accurate and the design is ergonomic and simple. It’s easy to adjust the display height, or angle, and it’s a real bonus to be able to be able to orient the display vertically. The accurate color of these monitors along with display calibration, and soft proofing is what we use to make limited edition prints." Read More...

Sharp NEC Color Management Displays - Overview

Whatever your display needs are, Sharp NEC Display Solutions has the right product. Have a look at our product overview.

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